Chameleon™ Bass Trap Do-It-Yourself Kit (Makes 2) - $183.98

  • Shipping Weight: 50lbs

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Watch Grammy Award Winners John Paterno, Tim Fagan and Richard Furch assemble our DIY Bass Trap kits for their Studios!

Have your own acoustic insulation and want to build the World's finest Bass Traps? Now you can with Chameleon DIY Bass Trap kits!

Great for:
  • Home Theater Acoustics
  • Recording Studios
  • Bedroom Studios
  • Office Acoustics
  • Church Acoustics
  • Gymnasium Acoustics
  • Conference Room Acoustics
And ALL acoustic spaces!

Chameleon™ Bass Traps kits are the most economical way to build the highest quality, most durable and ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Acoustic Bass Traps for SUPERIOR SOUND in your space.

This is the easiest way to get 2 Professional Grade Bass Traps, at the very lowest price. BUILD THESE BASS TRAPS YOURSELF, with your own insulation* - IT'S EASY and you'll save Big money!

Here's what each 2 Panel Chameleon Bass Trap kit includes:
  • (2) Chameleon™ 4" Bass Trap Frames sets (choose from 7 colors)
  • (2) Fabric Slip Covers - Handcrafted from our proprietary Ready Acoustics™ Ready Bags ULTRA-SUEDE Fabric! (choose from 8 colors)
  • (4) unique hanging hooks for flat wall mounting
  • all finishing hardware (color matched screws)

* Use your own 3lb pcf Board Insulation such as Owens Corning 703 or other 3lb pdf insulation. This product does not work with 6lb material such as OC705.
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