Owens Corning 703 FRK - $119.99

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6, (48"x24"x2") panels per order, 3 lbs. per cubic foot density semi-rigid FACED fiberglass (insulation) board


- Used in room construction, home improvement, as a heat barrier and acoustical treatment core medium
- Used in DIY acoustic treatments where narrow-band absorption is desired. OC703 FRK is a better low frequency absorption medium than rigid 705 FRK per Owens Corning product data.

* Tip: If using you are using this product to make acoustical absorbers, be sure to face the foil side toward the room, and not toward the wall or corner. If you are using multiple layers of this medium as acoustic treatment, be sure that only the outer layer (that which faces the room) has foil on it. Layers underneath the outer layer should have the foil removed to yield the maximum acoustical benefit.
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