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Chameleon Bass Traps

If 11 Grammy Award Winning Artists, Producers and Engineers use and recommend Chameleon Series Bass Traps, maybe you should too :)

Chameleon Series Bass Traps are the result of a combined 50 years of Research and Development experience with American, Dutch and Belgian Acousticians. ALL of our Chameleon Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels are 3rd-Party analyzed and tested at Riverbank Acoustical Labs in Chicago, IL.

There's a reason more Top Audio Professionals use our products and service: They're simply that good. And with our 100% Money Back Guarantee on your satisfaction (the only guarantee of it's kind in our business), you KNOW you'll be getting The Best without the heavy price tag.

Browse our complete line of Bass Traps below, and see what's best for your space. If you have a question, click the Online Chat Support button in the upper left part of your screen to talk to a LIVE acoustics professional.

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Chameleon™ Bass Traps

Chameleon™ Bass Traps

What if you could HEAR your world better? What if every sound finally made sense? What if you could have this with a simple, elegant and...

Chameleon NEST™ Corner Mount System

Chameleon NEST™ Corner Mount System

Our Chameleon NEST™ System is a unique three-part kit that allows you to install ultra high performance broadband absorption acoustic treatments in...

Chameleon™ Super Sub Bass Trap

Chameleon™ Super Sub Bass Trap

If your "BASS" isn't helping you feel your space, this is the answer: Chameleon Super Sub Bass Traps put the thump back in your World! Includes: 1...

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