Chameleon NEST™ Corner Mount System - $609.99

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Our Chameleon NEST™ System is a unique three-part kit that allows you to install ultra high performance broadband absorption acoustic treatments in your vertical room corner in minutes.

Product Features:
  • Simple 3-step installation
  • Yields a two-layer corner absorber array for optimum performance at low frequencies
  • Provides a 23 Sabin absorptive performance boost at 63Hz
  • One kit will treat a full floor-to-ceiling corner in a room with 8’ ceilings
NEST™ Corner Mount System Installation
  • Attach the steel bracket to the corner using two screws
  • Insert the 4” nesting panel into the wings of the steel bracket
  • Hang the Ready Traps™ 6” Super Sub Bass Trap face panel

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