Church Acoustics


Churches are not immune from acoustic problems, and Ready Acoustics offers solutions perfectly suited for a number of situations commonly encountered by houses of worship and their related structures.

Excess reverb field strength in large rooms results in too much echo ["boominess"] which can make enjoying musical programs and even understanding the sermon difficult. Speech intelligibility and musical clarity suffer in these circumstances.

Ready Acoustic panels offer a means of installing tasteful and affordable acoustic absorption into large rooms and yield a much more pleasant and meaningful service for the congregation by allowing them to hear the words of clergymen distinctly and experience the full richness of musical elements.

Our products are also suitable for the treatment of other church and large institutional structures such as multi-use fellowship halls, youth centers, and gymnasiums. With proper acoustic treatments these halls can be made suitable for all their potential uses. Contact us to discuss you specific needs and how we can help you find the best solution.

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