Gymnasium Acoustics

Large rooms are a Specialty for Ready Acoustics. Our popular echo reducing acoustical treatments are ultra effective, and very affordable. Large spaces with many hard surfaces (such as Gymnasiums) suffer from very long reverb times (repeat sounds over and over and over again by bouncing around the room). Ready Acoustics HF Noise Absorbers and Chameleon C2 absorption panels help reduce reverb time so that speech becomes far more intelligible, sound and music becomes more natural, articulate and easier to hear and feel. In some cases where budgets are low, and super effective acoustical treatments are still necessary, many folks turn to Ready Acoustics DIY products. Our famous DIY Ready Bags, Acoustic Insulation and DIY steel Acoustic Frames (Chameleon Acoustic Frames) allow you to install “self” assembled acoustical absorption panels that look very expensive and perform better than other products on the market that cost 10 times as much. Self assembly is very, very easy using our DIY products and kits and you can easily install them yourself, just a pro.

Contact the Acoustical Pros at Ready Acoustic today and find out how our products can help you turn your larege space into a thing of sonic beauty! We offer free advice with no hassle and no hard selling, ever. Our moto is, “We don’t SELL anything. We help people buy.”

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