Home Theater Acoustics

Not totally satisfied with your Movie or Gaming experience? Ready Acoustics Bass Traps and acoustic panels are a scientific, aesthetic and affordable solution!

In most Home Theaters and Gaming Environments, superb screen choice, comfortable seating and professional sound are the absolute goal. But, to create the Ultimate in your personal Movie or Gaming experience, you need to first look at how your room acoustics are presented. Is your sound really punchy and tight? Do sound images move seamlessly between your speakers? How tight is the bass response in your room? Do you feel that thump when the director of the movie planted it in the story? Or do you hear that tiresome, bouncing whoooom when a tight bass response is really desired? How about the explosion during a futuristic sequence or the light rain on window in your favorite movie or game? Does this sound translate into emotion and realness in your sound environment? Can you hear the softest whisper, or faintest sound from off in the distance?

In most cases, people only hear a fraction of what a director, composer or game creator wants you to hear because your sound system is crippled by bad acoustics and bad sound translation in your room. It's not your fault, or the fault of your sound system, it;s just that your room acoustics are preventing you from hearing, feeling and enjoying all that you have put into your personal Home Theater, Gaming environment and critical listening area. Luckily, the solution to creating the most enjoyable and REAL movie or gaming experience is as close as your keyboard and mouse. Ready Acoustics Broadband Bass traps and acoustic panels are the right prescription for your sound environment and will finally let you hear and feel what the Experience intended. Ready Acoustics Home Theater Bass Traps and Gaming acoustic panel solutions are easy to install and create a listening space that will bring you right inside your surround experience.

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