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Ready Acoustics and Comcast Corporation’s Business Offices

Comcast is the country’s largest provider of cable services, and its size and scope certainly allow it to choose whatever product providers it wants. Comcast chose Ready Acoustics for its video and sound studio and listening rooms.

“Installing Ready Acoustics products in our studio and listening rooms has made a night-and-day difference in the sound of our recordings. Before, the articulation in a sound or voice was difficult hear and understand. With Chameleon Bass Traps installed, we can hear everything, and listening is more enjoyable and perfect than ever before. We highly recommend Ready Acoustics.”
Gary Hill, Comcast, Inc.

In a multi-task environment where sound and speech articulation is critical, you can depend on Ready Acoustics’ HF/Noise Absorbers and Broadband Bass Traps to bring those sounds to life. By actually absorbing echoes and cluttered noise from listening environments, our products help you realize just how enjoyable it can be to listen in your space.

What’s more, when you use Ready Acoustics’ HF/Noise Absorbers and Broadband Bass Traps for your office, studio, living room or any other space, you also add beauty that you can customize to your liking.

Check out Ready Acoustics’ Chameleon Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels in Comcast’s sound/video studios and listening rooms.

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Ready Acoustics and Instapundit.com

Glenn Reynolds is not your ordinary blogger. With tons of visitors flocking to his site, www.Instapundit.com, every day to read about his interests and his take on current events, Glenn is more like a ‘What’s Happening and What’s Cool Right Now’ guru.

We at Ready Acoustics were thrilled when the opportunity arose for us to send Glenn our RT424 Broadband Bass Traps and Chameleon Bass Traps for his podcast/TV studio. After they were installed he featured a review of them on his blog, and both he and his ‘InstaWife’, Helen, love them!

The noise/echo absorption capabilities of the panels have brought a cool, intelligible sound to Glenn’s podcasts. The panels’ low frequency attenuation means truly better, tighter, and more audible bass.

Check out Ready Acoustics’ RT424 Broadband Bass Traps (in basic red) in Glenn’s TV/podcast studio. Get the same results in your home theater, studio, or other space – pick up some of your own Ready Acoustics products and get a whole lot of great sound for very little out of your pocket!

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