Office Acoustics

At Ready Acoustics, we believe in your desire to change the way people hear you in business, the way your goals and dreams are understood, your desire to help focus their attention on your vision for the company. We believe that if the people you want to effect can clearly hear and clearly understand your ideas, you can change the way they think, help create passion for your objective and reach your end game.

Ready Acoustics’ panels are the perfect solution for offices where speech intelligibility and noise reduction is the goal. Acoustical absorption is far and away the most efficient and effective solution to calming your office environment by ridding it of noise.

Office noise can accumulate when speech volumes are raised and/or when additional voices are added to the room. Speech frequencies bounce off of hard objects and surfaces and begin “smearing” the overall sound of the workplace. The result is that voices get louder and louder, making it difficult for you to hear other people’s words in meetings or to even hear your own phone conversations.

The solution: High Frequency/ Noise Absorption Panels from Ready Acoustics.

These panels are designed to absorb high frequencies and noises that bounce off of hard surfaces. Without acoustical absorption, noise tends to continue bouncing until it finally dissipates over a long period of time. Strategically placed absorbers will catch noise/ reflections and not allow them to bounce around in the room.

The result is soft, pleasant sound. Speech becomes clearer and more articulate, and music becomes more enjoyable. A better, happier environment is created for those working in the office, which in the end is a benefit to you and your customers.

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