Ready Traps have been awarded a CLASS "A" Fire Rating!

A message from Joel R DuBay, President and CEO of Ready Acoustics LLC:

Folks, at Ready Acoustics, we pride ourselves on using real Science while creating unbeatable Value and Art in our line of Ready Traps. In addition to these very important foundational ideals, we also take your safety and the safe use of our products very seriously. Today, we are very proud to tell you that our Ready Traps, RT Series panels, Chameleon Series panels and DIY Ready Bags (when used with Owens Corning 703/705) feature a CLASS A Fire Rating. This CLASS A fire rating applies to any of these products sold in the past or in the future. The implementation of our Ready Traps fire safety features have not changed course since their introduction, and they never will. Your safety and the safety of your family and friends is paramount in maintaining Ready Traps products as the pinnacle of design and science, and we′ll NEVER compromise this just to save money. Your safety means more to Ready Acoustics, than anything else.

As is customary with the data on our Acoustical Absorption products, we′ve published the FULL Fire Testing report (yes, in its entirety) for your viewing. With a 0 Smoke and Flame Spread score, our RT424 (the core of our Chameleon Panels) and RT422 panels are rated BEST (CLASS A) in ASTM E-84 fire testing. No product can score better than this, and we′re delighted to show you the details.

From everyone at Ready Acoustics, we thank you for your business and hope you'll consider CLASS A, fire safe products like Ready Traps before anything else.

Please click here to download test report

Sincerely, Joel DuBay Sr
Ready Acoustics LLC

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