Restaurant Acoustics

Most Restaurants are in the business of making people happy. They do this by delivering good food, good service and an enjoyable experience that brings people back time and time again. When a restaurant is noisy, loud and when people have to strain to hear each other, music or your staff, the experience is diminished, or worse - fatiguing.

Solution? - Absorb noise and reflected sound so only the nice, PURE- direct sound of voice, music, water, etc is heard. Strategically placed Noise Absorbers can turn an ok dining experience into something magical. Absorbing unwanted - reflected sound helps to deliver clean, intelligible sound to the entire room making your customers happier, your staff more enthused and a restaurant / bar experience your patrons will back time and time again to enjoy.

Ready Acoustics Noise Absorbers are Class A Fire rated and meet every Fire Code in the USA and Canada. A Class A Fire Rating is required for such establishments and can acoustical absorbers with this rating may even help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Colors and Style to match ANY decor - Chameleon Acoustic Panels and Noise Absorbers are not only safe, they also come in 52 Fabric and Frame combinations to suit nearly any decor. We can further customize your acoustical absorbers with our selection of 7 Frame colors and YOUR fabric choice! Call us for more information and pricing on further customization for your special space!

Here is what one of our happy Restaurant Customers had to say about Ready Acoustics and their choice for Chameleon Noise Absorbers in their establishment:

“Before installing these acoustical panels in our restaurant, it was very loud (and borderline annoying) on busier weekend nights. Since the Ready Acoustics panels were installed, there has been a night and day difference between the noise level and echos that were in the restaurant. The panels have helped to eliminate at least half of the echos and absorb the noise in Lures Bar and Grille. Not only did they help with the sound problem, but the appearance of the Chameleon panels actually gave our restaurant a newer look that our guests say is better than the old plain ceiling. This was an added bonus that we did not expect, but are extremely excited about! We, and all of our guests, are definitely thrilled with the decision we made to install the Ready Acoustics Chameleon panels”

Mike Wiland
General Manager
Lures Bar and Grille
Crownsville, Md 21032

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