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Independent Acoustic Test Data

What is Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories?

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories [RAL] is the birthplace of architectural acoustics. RAL was founded in 1918 by Wallace Clement Sabine, the man for whom the unit of measure for acoustic absorption is named [the sabin]. RAL has been a center for research ever since - in divers fields of scientific inquiry from acoustics to cryptanalysis.

Explicit scientific standards for absorption testing exist, but these standards are not designed to address the difficulties encountered when one wishes to measure absorption at very low frequencies, or in corner mountings. The fact that the measurement of absorption properties is an art invented by the founder of RAL, and advanced through the years by its staff, was attractive to us, and gave us confidence we could work with RAL to conduct accurate and scientifically valid measurement methodologies which addressed the challenges presented by corner absorption devices at low frequencies.

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