Studio Acoustics

Ready Acoustics products are used world-wide and in all kinds of studios. From very basic bedroom or basement recording and mixing rooms, to World Class facilities, we have the products you need to solve nearly every acoustics issue. Check out our Chameleon Room Packages or one of the RT Series packs of acoustical absorbers. Want to save more money and get the best acoustical products around? Use our DIY Ready Bags together with our Chameleon Acoustic frames and save - big!

Check out some of these cool spaces that use Ready Acoustics Bass Traps, HF/ Noise Absorbers, Ultra Bass Traps, Acoustic Panel stands, DIY Products and more:

Pacyderm Studios
Cannon Falls, MN

"We love the Ready Acoustics Chameleon Bass Traps and Bass Traps stands!" - Matthew M. Mueller, Pachyderm Studios

Monument Sound
Colorado Springs, CO

"Buying Chameleon Bass Traps meant we didn’t have to settle for more expensive treatments with few color choices" - Chris Andrews, Monument Sound

Office Studios
Van Nuys, CA

Left to right: Brett Chassen’s head, Lemmy (Motorhead), Bob Kulick, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

"Ready Acoustics Panels are brilliantly made - the most important part of our studio arsenal!" - Brett Chassen/ Bob Kulick - Office Studios

Full Moon Recording
Keene, VA

"Awesome Bass Traps!" - Full Moon Recording - Ron Ruane, Owner

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