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True Customer Service

I first off would like to say thank you for shipping to an APO address, most businesses don't offer this kind of support. These panels look great and even work better. I live in an apartment that is all concrete and had horrible reflections. I just bought two panels to try them out , but could not be happier. I'll buy more in the future to finish my apartment. Thank you,
Testimonial By: keith homan

Very good ready accoustics

Very good ready accoustics!
Testimonial By: Chung Nguyen

Very good site

Very good site
Testimonial By: Chung Nguyen


Simply fantastic!!! -- The diference your Chameleon panels have made. The best buy of my life Thank you. P.S. the bag/panel assembly was much less of a hassle than I expected. Actually, "a piece of cake". I will recommend your products, unequivocally. Thank you, again.
Testimonial By: Pablo Portuondo

Quality and Thoroughness

The first thing I noticed was the excellent packaging. Then, the panels themselves are far more impressive in-person and do indeed help solve room issues while not deadening the entire space. Also impressive is R.A's attention to detail. They include all of the necessary mounting hardware which for the user is the difference between getting them installed right away, and "getting around" to getting them installed! I had 5 panels up in no time. Thanks for the quality products !! I will surely be purchasing more in the near future.
Testimonial By: Vinnie Simonette

I want to sincerely thank your company for providing not only a

To Whom it May Concern: I have been a musical hobbyist for over 18 years playing guitar and bass for various projects. Over the last few years, I have taken my hobby to the next level. I had invested in a nice computer and a Pro-Tools home recording set up with aspirations of learning the "ins and outs" of music production. Well, after I started recording my own music with the new set up, thinking that I had the "goods" to put together a professional sounding demo, I kept running into problems with my mixes. Nothing I recorded sounded anything like the countless CD''s I have bought. Most of the music I had recorded sounded muddy or had so much bass in the mix that it would drown everything else out. So I did what most uneducated kids would do, go out and spend more money on "fancy" gear. So after a few thousand dollars of purchasing some fancy mic pre''s and some elaborate "plugin''s" for Pro-Tools, I thought I was ready to rock! Well, it turned out I wasn''t really rockin'' any harder than I was before all the "fancy" equipment. So, not willing to accept defeat, I did some more "research" into what makes a recording sound "professional" and came up with the answer of "Mastering". Word on the street was that a "mastering engineer" could make anything sound professional. So I bought a book on mastering, sent a song to get professionally mastered, and got a long lecture on what not to send to a "mastering engineer". The song I had sent had so much bass frequencies in it that the song was beyond repair of any mastering engineer''s talent. I was told to "fix it in the mix" since it was my song and session. Well, at that point I was pretty depressed about spending all this money on fancy gear and not getting any better results. Finally, I found my answer to my problems, a sound acoustically correct mix environment. It turned out that what I was doing was adding way too much bass to the mix to overcompensate for the bass waves that were canceling out in my mix environment. So I did some more research on acoustical room treatments and found your company Ready Acoustics. I have recently purchased 10 Ready Trap acoustical bass traps from your company. I am proud to say that this has been one of the best "investments" I have made for my music. They have made all the difference in the world with my mixes. In fact, they have made me appreciate the value of my "fancy" gear I had previously bought. Thanks to your website, I have placed my traps similar to the set up you have for your studio "how to" page. I no longer have my bass problems. I feel confident that I have a great mixing and listening environment. Furthermore, I am hearing things on commercial recordings that I never noticed before. As fan of 80''s rock and metal, I am in disbelief at how much reverb was used back then. I never noticed that until I listened to a few CD''s in my new "Ready Trap" environment. In addition to the sonic treatment that your traps provide, I have found many other uses for the traps. Sound isolation has actually been my biggest use of the traps. Not only have I been able to keep unwanted noises like my computer fan, chair squeaks and hum from the HVAC system, but I''ve been able to eliminate unwanted sound reflections, thus making the sounds I record much clearer and defined. Since your traps are so lightweight and have those handy strap handles, I have been able to hang them from a microphone stand. I''ll put a few of them together and I can make a great vocal both and an area where I can record acoustic guitar. I am so pleased with the sonic improvements that your traps provide me. Finally, I want to sincerely thank your company for providing not only a great product but also great service. My order was processed in a timely manner. I was amazed at how much care was put into the shipping packaging alone. I felt like I was being treated like a high profile celebrity endorser of your product. Thank you for providing a high quality product and service.
Testimonial By: Jason J. Welch

Customer service

Joel is a top notch "Customer service giant".... He walked me through what was needed for my studio, upgraded my order free of charge and most of all my Super bass traps look great and have increased the focus in my space. I will definitely be passing the word on and when the time comes order from Ready Acoustics with confidence. Thanks guys, Paul. Vancouver, B.C. Canada eh!
Testimonial By: Paul Heron

My monitors finally sound the way I always thought they should.

My studio renovation is now complete and I'm dropping you a line to let you know how absolutely pleased I am with my Ready Traps.

After spending a fair amount of time researching available products on the Internet, I contacted Joel at Ready Acoustics. His staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and the panels I ended up ordering arrived as scheduled. The pictures on the website do not do them justice. The build quality is excellent and the Chameleon frames really give them a designer touch.

Now for the most important part: the sound. Stunning! My monitors finally sound the way I always thought they should. The bass is tight and the sound-stage is wide and articulate.

This really turned out to be the best investment I made in completing my studio renovation.

Toby Browning
J.T.B Productions
Los Angeles, CA
Testimonial By: Toby Browning

Just wanted to extend to you my praise for a great product

Joel, Just wanted to extend to you my praise for a really great product. They look beautiful too! I just recently mixed a new tune and for the first time my mix totally translated spot on in 3 other playback systems. I hear everything perfectly and my control room sounds the best it ever has. I also appreciated the 2 extra free traps you provided to compensate me for the extra week it took to ship due to the holiday orders. Who does that? That gesture totally blew me away! To say that I am a satisfied customer is an understatement! Thanks again!
Testimonial By: Rob Perez

Thanks again for the service!

"...Just wanted to report back on the acoustic bags. I actually got them all put together the day after they came… I haven't got them all up yet but I stood some in the corners and I can already tell the difference. They all look very "finished" and not at all like a DIY project. I am glad I didn't go the fabric route and try to cover them myself, it was well worth the cost. Great product! Thanks again for the service!
Testimonial By: Bill Goldie

Thanks SO much!

"Hi Joel and Scott, first of all, I want to thank you for all your help and for making a great product. I have begun installing my 4" bass traps and my room already sounds much better..." Thanks SO much!
Testimonial By: David Moore

My wife loves them

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we received the shipment of Ready Trap panels and could NOT be happier! We expected they would look good from the photos on your site, but not this good! My wife loves them and they have changed our movie experience beyond our expectations. Thank for making an awesome product that looks great and performs outstanding.
Testimonial By: Marc and Jodie Deneux

This was the easiest thing in the world putting them together.

Joel, Got the bags. This was the easiest thing in the world putting them together. You saved me a ton of money and they look really PRO. My studio sounds better than I thought and I am a really happy person right now.
Testimonial By: Terry Wynet

This is the best purchase we’ve made

Dear Ready guys, We received the acoustic suede slip covers and have finished assembling the panels. This is the best purchase we’ve made, even from this side of the pond! I should think you will be making many orders from our side (UK) and Europe because we love DIY! The blue bags totally matched our room and we are very pleased.
Testimonial By: David Hall, Surrey, UK

Best Company on EARTH

First of all, this is an amazing company! I went on the website and talked directly with an acoustics pro, NOT A SALESMAN! I told him about my room and what I wanted to buy. He helped me understand what I really needed, AND TALKED ME OUT OF BUYING AS MUCH AS I THOUGHT I NEEDED! I don't know any company that truly does not SELL their products. But this company doesn't. As they say, "they help people buy" what's right for their space. I was gonna buy about 3k in product. I only spent $1700 - that saved me 1300 bucks. The product is way better in person than on the website, it made a huge difference in my room, and my wife loves the look. I wish all company's would take a cue from Ready Acoustics. They are excellent!
Testimonial By: David Sage

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